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Being labour and equipment intensive, the industry requires the company to operate a large fleet of related equipment and a work force of one Hundred and twenty (120) employees.  We also maintain a policy to hire more personnel as and when the circumstance demands.
At management level too, Catrol Company Ltd. has hired personnel as consultants to assist the incumbent Managers and bring their area of expertise to bear on the unique company like Catrol Company Ltd. in Ghana.
The whole engineering market is currently buoyant and we intend to get more than our share of its growth. We are well placed to do it, because we have been fortunate to attract a group of talented professionals and a loyal workforce, and together we are carrying forward the original basic ideas: Meticulous forward planning.
Blending the people together to form a committed uniform workforce in fundamental Catrol Company‚Äôs thinking.  This means that clients needs can always be optionally met wherever they occur.

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